Internship – 45 Days In

I am almost halfway through my internship at Fei Liu Fine Jewellery and the experience has been an amazing one thus far. Everyone in the team is a pleasure to work with and the company’s ethos is one I truely admire and appreciate.

It was pretty much full on from the first day, when I was asked to travel to London for the Goldsmiths’ Fair, but it was something I was prepared for because I knew working for a company would be much different to working solo, and no two days would be the same.  The days that proceeded have been all go, go, go and I think I’ve adapted really well, with thanks to the team who have made my initiation an easy one.

One of reasons I applied for the position was because I wanted to get back into working in a team, having that daily interaction with people was something I was missing whilst working independently.  Another reason, and the main one, was being able to work alongisde one of my favourite jewellery designers.

Dawn Black Tahitian Pearl Ring

Dawn – Black and Gold Tahitian Ring

The Dawn ring was the first piece I saw of Fei’s.  It was one of the first pieces he showed during his presentation at the School of Jewellery, where he talked about his work, gave insightes about himself, as well anecdotes about his time at the School of Jewellery.  It was the uniqueness of his designs that I truely admired.

Serenity 18ct Gold Vermeil

Serenity 18ct Gold Vermeil

Being able to see beautiful jewellery (above, Serenity Pendant) on a daily basis is one of the perks of this position, another is that I never know what to expect.  For instance, my learnings had been put to the test the past week, when I had to take over my manager’s position whilst she was off ill.  I’m not going to lie, it was quite stressful because for that week every work I took on suddenly seemed urgent – on the day, for the day – but fortunately Hannah taught me almost everything that was required to keep the work flowing, it also didn’t hurt that my other colleagues and Fei, himself, lent a helping hand.  I think I took it all in my stride…I think…

That week, as well as keeping the work and communication flowing, involved preparation for Judith Hart Jewellers’ ‘Winter Wonderland’ – a celebration of the company’s 35 years in the jewellery business.  Hectic, yes, but also enjoyable.  The venue was at Derby County’s iPro Stadium and the place was beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, decoration and snow! Fei’s limited edition silver Snowflake collection – see my favourites below – was befitting for the evening’s theme. I arrived home past my usual bedtime (I am not a night owl, at the slightest) but it was all worth it. Also, on a random note, the lighting on the stand brought out the luster of pieces beautifully, in comparison to the office lights.


On Friday Fei was invited to switch on the Jewellery Quarter’s Christmas Lights, alongside fellow jewellery designer, James Newman.  Here are some photos from the night.  Excuse the quality…my mobile couldn’t decide what it wanted to focus on.

Bring on coming weeks.