Sublimation On Metal

Sublimation-a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto medium materials such as a plastic card, paper, or fabric. (Thanks Wikipedia)

It’s very much like t-shirt transfers but the bonus is that images can be printed onto metal. 🙂  My tutor introduced me to this process at the beginning of this final project.  I had no idea that the same principal could be applied the some beautiful results.

The only grey are I’m finding is getting the lighter colours to show, as I’ve been told with the reflective qualities of silver the lighter colours may not show well.  I have been advised to saturate the images.  Hopefully it works out.

After I’m done with the house-wifey things I will post a picture of the aluminium sample, which looks fabulous. Although I’m not sure it will show clearly in the photos as my choice of imagery isn’t the best (hence needing to saturate the images).

[Edit 13/04]

Here is the original pattern:

Sample pattern.

Here are the samples in aluminium:

Sample 1.

Sample 2.