Charles Green Day 3 & 4

Moving on from design and CAD-ing eternity rings, it was time to design a series of gents wedding bands.  It was good practise as I’ve only ever designed men’s jewellery once before.

I finally remember how to get a wax model carved with the milling machine – too bad today was my last day so I won’t be able to use this knowledge for a long while and I’ll probably forget soon1.

It was great being given a small tour of the company, the designer, polishers, stone setters, wax carvers, admin…etc.  Even having a quick glance at their record books you could see the history of the manufacturing company – they even have a mini museum! Although I was later informed that some of the books are made to look older than they actually are…  However I did see a book which dated back to 1902. O.o

I’ve learnt a lot about the jewellery industry and have been given more than plenty of useful tips, although when it came to asking questions my mind went blank, typical really.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and rather strengthens my goal to become a jewellery designer maker, either independently or working within a business.  So long as I have the opportunity to design and make I’ll be happy.

For now though I’ll be working hard on my final project and can’t wait to see the Charles Green eternity rings and gents rings, I’ll have to wait a few weeks though before the silver prototypes are done.  Many thanks to Phillip Beale, Tom Green and Charles Green & Sons for this experience. ^^

  1. Maybe not though, my memory with technology steps and remembering past conversations is a lot better than driving routes. 😛 []