Charles Green Day 2

I was planning on posting this earlier but a) the football was on and b) I temporarily broke my website, heh.

Anyway, today was mainly about CAD.  I didn’t realise how difficult an eternity ring would be to produce in CAD, mind, today was my first attempt and it took a while to get it near enough perfect but I learnt more about Rhino – having the two weeks of “intensive” CAD course didn’t hurt either.  I’m slowly remembering the steps from translating ArtCAM models on to the milling machine and, to a certain extent, used one.  It will be one of my most valuable experiences in life.  Also, I love the fact that I’m not just stuck in one area; being able to sketch, CAD and make is great and something I want as a career.  Although producing RP (rapid protoypes) doesn’t exactly put bench skills to the test but just being able to see an instant outcome of your work – be it in wax form – is exciting.  The geek-within might even have a little look into JewelCAD. 😛

It has only been two days but I’m treasuring every moment and learning.   I’m going to work hard and make the most of it. 🙂

Oh and slightly deviating from the subject I found out that me and my fellow piers have been published in The Anchor and Goldsmith magazine (I think Goldsmith anyway… I correct that if I’m wrong) – happy days. ^^