Charles Green Day 1

Today was my first day of a weeks work experience.  I was nervous but the great thing about it – besides the experience itself – was not having to lug around the Samsung laptop…or so I thought. Charles Green use ArtCam and Jewel Cad, the former I have had training in but the latter I knew nothing about.  Just to get the CAD side of things ticking I was asked to bring the uni. laptop in so I’d be able to use Rhino and Matrix – the CAD programs I am more accustom to.

I was taught how to quote, which will come in handy for when I start producing bespoke jewellery and collections.  I then had to do some technical drawings – I was a little worried about showing my “skills” because I hadn’t done a hand-drawn technical drawing in so long that it might look a tad tatty and unprofessional.  All went well though and my drawings were complimented. *thumbs up* 😀

At uni. I find myself faffing around when it comes to the designing stage so to have to produce sketches from ten different inspiration ideas was good practise.  Although, my sketching could still do with a bit of work and I need to ban myself from using a rubber! 😛

Overall today was exciting and very insightful, I learnt a bit more about diamonds and that of the pink variety.  I also learnt how to use a milling machine, although I can’t remember some of it and most of the information will have gone from my head by tomorrow.  There are lots more things I have been told but too many to list!  All I will say is that I’m glad to have this opportunity to work for such a business. 🙂

Now, I look forward to tomorrow where I get to CAD up my designs. 😀