Back From Germany

From the start of my journey I was almost unable to hit the note of middle C due to a bout of tonsillitis. This trip had been saved and paid for so missing the trip wasn’t an option, that and I was too excited to go to Inhorgenta. The only bother of the trip was not forgetting to take my tablets (two, four times a day).

Friday 25th February

My friend and I headed to the EMA (East Midlands Airport). It wasn’t until checking out the luggage (as in having it weighed before put through the conveyor belt) that I realised I had forgotten to check-in online – I blame the illness – so unfortunately that meant my friend and I had to fork out £10 for tickets, on top of the £20 for luggage. With more money thrown out the window than we intended we continued through to the security, I was worrying slightly here being that I not only had my tables for the tonsillitis but also some Panadol, and travel sickness medication – wouldn’t look good through a monitor would it? Indeed, as I thought, I had my first narcotics swab. Dramatic as it sounds it felt as if my clean record had been thrown out the window. Having watched a lot of Borders UK (or something along those lines) and Nothing To Declare I knew what and what not to do. 😛

The flight was slightly delayed as the engine needed changing of refuelling, well, from what I would lip read and hear the staff weren’t exactly vocal about it. Nevertheless we and fellow passengers were escorted to a different plane

About 3 hours later we were at the hotel, Tryp Hotel. The staff were really friendly and quick to assist us if there were any issues with the room. The bathroom light didn’t work so I revert to my mobile torch. Yes, it was that dark no light was even seeping through the bottom gap of the door.

Saturday 26th February

The day of the fair.  Due to recent events of the economy I thought there was going less use of expensive precious metals but to my surprised there was a lot of white, yellow gold, platinum and palladium.  From the moment I walk through the entrance of the hall I was bedazzled, the jewellery before me just sparkled and I was surrounded by gem-encrusted jewellery.  My friend and I perused around and found the usual big names of the jewellery world: Pandora, Chamilia, Ti Sento and Swarovski.

The jewellery that caught my eye the most were the pieces with colour and some ingenuity to it.  A collection that caught my attention was by Jacqueline Cullen: Granulation.  She utilises Whitby jet ( more commonly associated with Victorian mourning jewellery) to celebrate the qualities of the material, her pieces look quite sculptural but with the delicate details of 24ct gold adds a finer touch to her pieces.

I am very much fascinated by kinectic jewellery and was shown one, I think under the name Luna Collection.  The head of the palladium ring was set with a tiny diamond and the whole head of the stone rotated so it looked as if the tiny stone was eclipsing.  You can refer to Schulte-Hengesbach’s website but it’s not the one I’m describing – it’ll give you the basic gist of what I’m trying to describe.

One ingenious idea I remember seeing but didn’t note down the brand was a flower ring, some of the petals were satin polished, whilst alternate petals contained a cluster of drilled holes, giving the impression of pave setting.  I thought it was clever how they turned drilling into an art form to create reflection and sparkle to the piece.  Unfortunately I didn’t not down, nor do I remember the name of the maker.

I saw a lot more and there was a wider variety of things, only a minute percentage of which I have touched on.  Apart from food I didn’t spend much elsewhere but I did buy the bible of Hong Kong Manufacturing companies.  The directory is almost as thick as the yellow pages and cost me just 5 euros and comes with a CD alternative.  My finest buy I think and will certainly come in handy when looking to outsource my work. 🙂

Hong Kong Jewellery Business Directory

Sunday 27th February

Only had a ticket for the one day so my friend and I spent the day watching BBC News, reflecting back on leaflets and postcards we picked up from the show, and thinking about our final projects.  Then we headed to the Dachau Concentration Camp.

Monday 28th February

Auf wiedersehen Munich and home sweet home.  Strange that my bag didn’t get a narcotic swab…